Athena Legal Group P.c

Athena Law Group LLP provides comprehensive legal services to clients in a variety of industries, including hospitality, financial services, technology, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, e-commerce, telecommunications, big data, hardware and alternative energy. During the COVID-19 crisis, Athena Legal Group will continue to provide legal services to new and existing clients via phone, email and live chat. However, our physical office will remain closed until further notice in the best interests of our clients, lawyers, staff and the community at large. If you have any questions about your current case or have a new question to discuss, please call 405-212-3945, a member of our team will be happy to assist you. We wish you and your family all the best and hope you stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. “I have worked extensively with Athena Law Group on a number of negotiations with clients and strategic partners, many of which took place under difficult circumstances and tight deadlines. The law firm brings a rare combination of legal knowledge, creativity, perseverance and negotiation skills to every assignment. “Athena Law Group provides excellent legal and management advice for the preparation and negotiation of our most important client and partner contracts. The firm always puts the client`s priorities first and is considered by our company to be a valuable and trustworthy resource.

I highly recommend Athena Law Group. “There`s a huge sea of avocados out there, the linear and babbling type of color in the lines. However, there are few creatives who rise to the level of the term “consultant” who listen between words to arrive at a recommended course of action. Athena Law Group structured its entire practice in such a way that it could do so and provide the professional and personalized service that people expected from their lawyers. I have found that Athena Law Group is exceptionally attentive, diligent and relentless in serving its clients. Unlike other law firms where you may feel a little awkward, Athena Law Group makes clients feel like they are the most important case on the list. Aside from Athena Law Group`s level of service and attention to the firm`s clients, this firm offers something you simply can`t buy from the big firms – lawyers who personally take care of the client. Athena Law Group was and remains the first law firm I turn to when I have a legal question or concern. I highly recommend Athena Law Group.

“Computrition has been using the legal services of Athena Law Group for over a decade. When clients have the opportunity to hire a variety of law firms around the world, Computrition is happy to choose to work with Athena Law Group again and again. Athena Law Group prides itself on providing personalized, highly available and detail-oriented legal services. If you are looking for lawyers who can find creative and “unconventional” solutions to contractual problems in the blink of an eye, and who negotiate warmly, respectfully and professionally without losing sight of the client`s goals, and who are masters in the art of keeping feathers intact, look no further. Athena Law Group is our preferred law firm for the right reasons. » We always put you first! The team of dedicated lawyers works to provide you with exceptions and personalized service. At Athena Legal Group, we review your situation absolutely WITHOUT JUDGMENT and provide legal advice based on your specific situation. We are not going to tell you what to do. Instead, we`ll give you all the information you need to help you make the smartest decision. As a strategic partner, we pool our combined business resources and expertise in law firms to formulate solutions that are guided by the broader business framework of your strategic, business and financial objectives. At Athena Legal Strategies Group, we use preventative and proactive business and legal strategies to address and resolve employment-related challenges, manage organizational crises, improve employee relations, protect reputational image and minimize liability.